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David Newman

SVP, Head of Enterprise Knowledge Graph Solutions, Data Management and Insights, Wells Fargo David provides leadership and expertise for the advancement of knowledge graph solutions at Wells Fargo. His team develops innovations that employ key knowledge graph capabilities, including ontology models, semantic and property graph databases, graph analytics, knowledge graph embeddings and graph visualization techniques.

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David’s core mission is to actualize the potential of knowledge graph at Wells Fargo by creating a collaborative knowledge graph modeling community, developing enterprise standards and best practices, and creating operational pipelines for the ingestion, transformation and consumption of data using knowledge graphs.

David’s initiatives include leveraging knowledge graph technology to fulfill business use cases by creating expressive enterprise and line of business ontologies, knowledge driven data asset catalogs, linked operational knowledge graphs and applying machine learning algorithms that train on knowledge graphs.

David also chairs the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) initiative, a collaborative effort of global banks, financial regulators and vendors, under the auspices of the Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC). Their goal is to semantically define a common language standard for finance using ontologies.

David holds an MBA in Information Systems.

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The Enterprise Knowledge Graph

03 December 2021, 09:40 PM
David Newman Omar Khan