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Ebru Cucen

Connecting the Dots: Harness the Power of Graphs & ML. Ask me anything with author Ebru Cucen

A Talk by Ebru Cucen (Data Consultant | Mentor / Coach, Graph Aware | Open Credo)

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About this Talk

Join Ebru Cucen, Author of the book "Connecting the Dots: Harness the Power of Graphs & ML" for an ask me anything session at the Connected Data World Center - Central Lounge.

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As our world has become more complex, informed decision making has become critical for managing the uncertainty we experience. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence methods have very much helped us along this journey. However, even these are continually being disrupted by newer technologies which promise even more accurate predictions for better decision making.

In our quest for faster results and greater accuracy, much focus has been concentrated on improving existing, or creating new machine learning algorithms. Yet these often fail through lack of context. Iterating over a model, no matter how good it is, without context fails to connect the unseen dots nor provide any helpful insight. This is where we believe the power of graphs comes in.

Graphs (in the mathematical sense) are extremely good at encapsulating and being able to embody and convey crucial data (context) about how and why entities are related to one another.

Such information can often be THE crucial piece of a puzzle needed to answer complex business questions, or indeed to serve as the secret ingredient to unlock, optimise and improve predictive ML models to help us do this.

Would you value having the power to uncover hidden links and patterns in your data and be able to predict the future?

Ebru's book aims to shed light on a real game-changer for those looking to improve upon simplistic answers sometimes arrived at by using traditional ML algorithms and approaches. She shows how - in a variety of different ways - you are able to combine the power of both graphs and ML to achieve more accurate answers.

The book is not meant to provide in-depth academic coverage of this subject. Instead it highlights the intuition behind how these two powerful concepts can be combined, providing some practical insights and examples along the way to help with the explanations.

Live Q&A at the Central Lounge in Connected Data World Center

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03 December 2021, 10:30 AM

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

About The Speakers

Ebru Cucen

Ebru Cucen

Data Consultant | Mentor / Coach, Graph Aware | Open Credo

Ebru has a passion for Machine Learning and she is on a mission to make Graph Machine Learning easy to be understood and accessible by everyone, and to share the implementations in different fields. She is the author of the book "Connecting the Dots: Harness the Power of Graphs & ML".