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Connecting Data, People and Ideas since 2016

Community, Events, Thought Leadership.

For those who use the Relationships, Meaning and Context in Data to achieve Great things

We are like you. Practitioners, enthusiasts, data geeks extraordinaire. We are looking for insights in data, order in chaos, and meaningful connections. We love playing with data, graphs, algorithms, semantics. It’s more than a job – it’s a passion.

Back in 2016, we felt something was missing from the events picture. An event that is focused, but not niche. Inclusive, but selective. An event that is vendor neutral and no-nonsense. An event that gets today’s leaders and tomorrow’s innovators together, and lets everyone mingle and share the knowledge.

We wanted an event that connects more than data and technology – an event that connects people and ideas. So we made the road by walking, and put our money where our mouth was: we started our own event. Connected Data London has gone global, and became Connected Data World.

Meet the CDW Team!

James Phare

Executive Director

James founded Connected Data London, CDW's predecessor, in 2016. He has a track record of delivering innovative data solutions particularly within the financial sector having consulted extensively at many of the world's largest Investment Banks, Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds.

Prior to Consulting he was Head of Information Management at Man Group plc following roles at Thomson Reuters. James is the Event Director of Connected Data London and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics & Economic History from the University of York. Outside of work he enjoys running, cycling and is a keen Moth sailor competing internationally.

George Anadiotis

Managing Director

George joined James in 2018. He has been contributing to, using, and evangelizing knowledge-based and graph technology since the early 2000s. From research and implementation of graph databases, to semantic web and knowledge graph applications in the real world, and now graph analytics and graph AI.

George is the founder of Linked Data Orchestration and the Year of the Graph, and a GigaOm, VentureBeat, and ZDNet contributor. Outside of work he enjoys DJing, cycling, running, and playing basketball.

Richard Eperon

Finance Director

Richard joined the team in 2019. Having spent a number of years at Unilever in various finance roles Richard specialized in private equity honing his skills in strategic financial management expertise in overseeing both the investment funds and corporate finance responsibilities at senior management committee level.

Richard has been an associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants since 1997. Outside of work he enjoys mountain biking, sails occasionally and plays the guitar.

Ilias Sioutas

Marketing Director

Ilias joined the team in 2020. He has a background in Economics, and experience in Digital Marketing, Analytics, and Digital Strategy. His encounter with the “exotic” world of Knowledge Graphs, Graph AI, Graph DBs, and Semantic Tech intrigued him from the start, motivating him to learn new skills (and terminologies) in order to help the team & adapt to the brave new Connected Data World.

With the invaluable help and guidance of the CDW team, he perseveres. Outside of work he is a member of a metal band, an armchair general and master tactician.