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Connected Data World 2021 Program Announced

Connected Data London, the top event for leaders and innovators on all things Knowledge Graphs, Graph Data Science and AI, Graph Databases and Semantic Technology, is back as what it has de facto become: Connected Data World.

Building on our legacy, we are sharing a visionary outlook on Graph as a foundational technology stack for the 2020s.

In our 2nd year of going global, we are redefining what it means to be a virtual event. In addition to the join-from-anywhere edge that virtual events bring to the table, we are bringing back the unmediated interaction and serendipity of real-world events.

Join us on December 1-3 for 3 days of lively Workshop panels, hands-on Masterclasses, visionary Keynotes and diverse Presentations in our Virtual Venue: Connected Data World Center.

Keynote presentations by

• Hybrid Intelligence Centre Principal Investigator, Network Institute Director and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Professor Frank van Harmelen, who will introduce Hybrid Intelligence, the combination of human and machine intelligence, expanding human intellect instead of replacing it.

UBS Data Architect Natasa Varytimou, who will elaborate on the Helix Knowledge Graph, providing Business, IT Managers and every single user of data the power of knowledge by answering questions common not only in a financial institution but in every organization that has an IT Department.

• LinkedIn Technical Lead for Taxonomies and Ontologies, AI Division Mike Dillinger, who will talk about Taxonomies as the duct tape of Connected Data, and how it's essential to re-evaluate strategies in the context of alternative approaches to knowledge organization.

• Intel Labs VP & Director, Cognitive Systems Research Gadi Singer, who will introduce Cognitive AI and propose that humans and intelligent machines apply a principle based on Three Levels of Knowledge — 3LK — namely instantaneous, standby, and retrieved external knowledge.

Graph as a foundational technology stack for the 2020s

Adding context to data turns it to information. Processing information turns it to knowledge. The keys to these transformations are connections and metadata.

Knowledge Graphs, Graph Data Science and AI, Graph Databases and Semantic Technology are solid building blocks that support this process, comprising a foundational technology stack for the 2020s.

The conference features leading experts and innovators from the likes of Bloomberg, Ikea, Elsevier, Microsoft and Siemens Energy, who share their experience building and using this foundational technology stack.

“Interest in graph and knowledge-based technology and approaches is exploding. Beyond historical use cases such as data integration, knowledge management, recommendations and analytics, today practically all Fortune 500 leaders use graphs.

Connected Data World has been monitoring and nurturing the community and technology behind this since 2016. We are happy to learn, grow and go global together”, said Connected Data World Managing Director George Anadiotis.

Over 70 speakers and 50 sessions in a carefully curated program, ranging from the mainstream to the emerging.

From What you need to know about Data Management and Knowledge Graphs in the Enterprise, to Graph Machine Learning research and industry applications, Inspiring and empowering GraphQL adoption and Novel AI Hardware Architectures for Graph Processing.

From Quality Assurance and Release Processes and Advanced Price Analytics in Supply Chain Management, to Graph Thinking, Investing in Connected Data and building a Personal Knowledge Graph ecosystem.

Use Cases and Applications, Innovation and Research, Platforms and Tools, Networking and Fun

Walk about and interact freely, bump into old acquaintances and strike up conversations with new connections. Check out Partner and Speaker booths.

Attend our Ask Me Anything, Mindfulness and Awareness, Party Time, Fun and Games, and more sessions in Connected Data World Center – or just organize your own in our ample space!

Check the full event program here.

Stay tuned for our:

• Program Committee CDW21 Roundtable on November 18, and the 

• Connected Data World Center Grand Opening on November 19.


Visit https://2021.connected-data.world for more information.

Connected Data World promotes inclusiveness and a respectful and ethical environment. Please review our Terms and Conditions / Code of Conduct.

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