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Mike Dillinger

Technical Lead for Taxonomies and Ontologies, AI Division, LinkedIn

Gadi Singer

VP & Director, Emergent AI, Intel Labs

Frank van Harmelen

Principal Investigator | Professor, Hybrid Intelligence Centre | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Natasa Varytimou

Data Architect, UBS

George Anadiotis

Managing Director | Founder | Contributor, Connected Data World | Linked Data Orchestration | Year of the Graph | ZDNet | VentureBeat

Michel Bauwens

Founder, Director, P2P Foundation

Kirell Benzi Ph.D

Data Artist. CEO & Founder, Kirelion

Ebru Cucen

Data Consultant | Mentor / Coach, Graph Aware | Open Credo

Andreea Deac

Researcher, Mila | Université de Montréal

Ashleigh Faith

Director of Platform Knowledge Graph and Semantic Search, EBSCO

Katariina Kari

Lead Ontologist, IKEA

Omar Khan

Technical Lead, Knowledge Graph & Semantic Technologies, Wells Fargo

Carlo Luschi

Director of Research, Graphcore

Veronique Moore

Senior Manager Data Discovery and Enrichment, Elsevier

Barr Moses

CEO & Co-Founder, Monte Carlo

Paco Nathan

Managing Partner, Derwen Inc.

Marcus Nölke

Cost Value Engineer & Data Analyst, Siemens Energy

Haonan Qiu

Knowledge Graph Specialist, BMW Car IT

Tara Raafat

Semantic/Metadata Architect, CTO Office at Bloomberg LP

Tiernan Ray

Contributing Writer, ZDNet

Evan Sparks

Founder, Determined AI, an HPE Company

Clair Sullivan

Graph Data Science Advocate, Neo4j

Michael Uschold

Senior Ontology Consultant, Semantic Arts

Paraskevi Zerva

Senior Data and Applied Scientist, Microsoft

Jans Aasman

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