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Dave Duggal

CEO & Founder, EnterpriseWeb Dave Duggal is the CEO of EnterpriseWeb. He founded the company in 2009 to address the challenges of connecting increasingly fragmented business operations. EnterpriseWeb is pioneering the use of graphs to integrate data, as well as applications, infrastructure, networks & devices.

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Dave has spent his career building & turning around companies. He is the inventor of 15 US patents on complex distributed systems. Dave is a regular speaker at industry conferences (e.g. Layer 123, Structure, CloudExpo, Knowledge Connexions, SemTech, EDW, GoTo Con, TM Forum, BPMnext, IWPC) and an occasional blogger.

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One graph to bind them all! Linking data and apps for event-driven interoperability & automation

03 December 2021, 02:00 PM
Dave Duggal