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Omar Khan

Technical Lead, Knowledge Graph & Semantic Technologies, Wells Fargo Presently a member of Data Management & Insights, fostering Wells Fargo efforts and building applications as Technical Lead in Knowledge Graph & Semantic Technologies. Prior to his current role, Omar built novel solutions for the business during an 11-year tenure as a consultant and full-time employee within Brokerage Technology.

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While with Brokerage Technology, Omar helped to develop many key applications, and led efforts contributing to a majority of the IT portfolio in Wealth and Investment Management.

A few years ago he became known for contributing to proof of concepts in areas unexplored, but necessary for future changes in direction for various lines of businesses.

Omar successfully implemented game-changing software development ideas, and this helped form a foundation to allow me to join Innovation Group's R&D, and subsequently Data Management & Insights, specializing in Enterprise Knowledge Graph technologies. Emerging technology was and still is his specialty and passion.

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The Enterprise Knowledge Graph

03 December 2021, 09:40 PM
David Newman Omar Khan