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Katariina Kari Ashleigh Faith Connected Data World Community Tara Raafat

Finding community in Connected Data

A Talk by Ashleigh Faith , Katariina Kari , Connected Data World Community and Tara Raafat

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About this Talk

How do you get into Connected Data?

Knowledge Graphs, Graph Databases / Analytics / Data Science / AI and all that, yes.

That’s a lot to swallow, but with enough time, educational resources and practice, you’ll be fine.

But what about finding your place and a sense of belonging?

Let’s not forget - a knowledge engineer or an ontologist is a fairly new box to be in.

In technology companies UX is traditionally sitting between technology and the customer.

Knowledge Graphs are also about being between the customer or in a broader sense the human and the technology, but on the data level.

As such it is a new paradigm in software development and technology:

"Not quite the engineer, not quite the data scientist".

Let’s come together and share ideas on creating a sense of community:

  • Where do you go for support?
  • How to deal with inappropriate questions or comments?
  • How to get over or deal with impostor syndrome?
  • How to help educate your peers and support one another?

These are some of the topics your hosts want to help address in this session:

  • Get to know your fellow Connected Data colleagues
  • Round the room questions asked by hosts
  • Ask your hosts anything!

Live at the Central Lounge in Connected Data World Center

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03 December 2021, 08:15 PM

08:15 PM - 08:55 PM

About The Speakers

Ashleigh Faith

Ashleigh Faith

Director of Platform Knowledge Graph and Semantic Search, EBSCO

Ashleigh Faith has a PhD, focused on Advanced Semantics, and she has worked in the search and data community for over 15 years with corporate business on eCommerce and Digital Asset Management, as well as government and manufacturing entities such as the Federal Reserve, John Deere, NASA, NATO, Gulfstream, DoD, and NLM on data strategy and knowledge management.

Katariina Kari

Katariina Kari

Lead Ontologist, IKEA

Katariina Kari (née Nyberg) is the lead ontologist for IKEA and an active semantic web practitioner for the past 5,5 years. Before that, she was doing the digital transformation for classical music. Katariina thinks the IT world is shifting from software to data and Knowledge Graph is a good place to be currently!

Connected Data World Community

Connected Data World Community

Tara Raafat

Tara Raafat

Semantic/Metadata Architect, CTO Office at Bloomberg LP

Tara Raafat is a semantic technologies specialist with over a decade of experience in semantic knowledge modeling and knowledge driven applications in domains including but not limited to finance, healthcare, industrial symbiosis and insurance. In her current role she strategizes the use of semantic metadata across Bloomberg.