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Frank van Harmelen

Systems that learn and reason

A Talk by Frank van Harmelen (Principal Investigator | Professor, Hybrid Intelligence Centre | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

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About this Talk

After the amazing breakthroughs of machine learning (deep learning or otherwise) in the past decade, the shortcomings of machine learning are also becoming increasingly clear: unexplainable results, data hunger and limited generalisability are all becoming bottlenecks.

In this talk we will look at how the combination with symbolic AI (in the form of very large knowledge graphs) can give us a way forward, towards machine learning systems that can explain their results, that need less data, and that generalise better outside their training set.

Talk+Live Q&A at the Plaza in Connected Data World Center

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03 December 2021, 09:00 AM

09:00 AM - 09:45 AM

About The Speakers

Frank van Harmelen

Frank van Harmelen

Principal Investigator | Professor, Hybrid Intelligence Centre | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Frank van Harmelen leads the Knowledge Representation & Reasoning group in the CS Department of the VU University Amsterdam. He is also Principal investigator of the Hybrid Intelligence Centre, a 20Μ€, 10 year collaboration between researchers at 6 Dutch universities into AI that collaborates with people instead of replacing them