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Dan Boerner

Humans and the Graph - Inspiring and empowering GraphQL adoption

A Talk by Dan Boerner (Apollo Graph Champion, Apollo GraphQL)

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About this Talk

Realizing the transformational benefits of GraphQL involves much more than learning and adopting a new API technology; it requires new mindsets, new collaboration patterns and new models of governance to maximize the value of this new enterprise-wide asset.

In this talk, Dan Boerner, Apollo’s Graph Champion, will explore the human factors side of GraphQL and share how leading graph adopting companies are focusing on empathy, inspiration, change management and communications to deliver the change and the benefits they seek.

Talk+Live Q&A at the Western Auditorium in Connected Data World Center

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03 December 2021, 09:00 PM

09:00 PM - 09:40 PM

About The Speakers

Dan Boerner

Dan Boerner

Apollo Graph Champion, Apollo GraphQL

Dan is passionate about the transformative power of the unified graph to improve products, product development and customer experiences. In his role as Apollo Graph Champion, he focused on community engagement and content creation to help others working to champion GraphQL within their organizations.