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David Amzallag Szymon Klarman

Knowledge Mesh: From Data Silos to Data Fabric at Global 2000 Enterprises

A Talk by David Amzallag and Szymon Klarman

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About this Talk

A common go-to data strategy adopted in large, data-intensive enterprises, is based on creation of centralized, monolithic data platforms, such as data warehouses or data lakes. Such platforms are well-known for their many limitations and lack of long-term sustainability: growing stale data silos, loss of ownership and domain context of data assets, and organizational bottlenecks around highly specialized data engineering teams. The ultimate outcome is the increase of the cost of effective data utilization within the enterprise.

Data fabric is a design concept combining multiple modern data management technologies aimed towards supporting “frictionless access and sharing of data in a distributed network environment” (Gartner).

Knowledge Mesh, a recent product delivered by BlackSwan Technologies, is an implementation of the data fabric architecture, consisting of domain-driven metadata and (meta)data management and integration tools aimed to maximize the effectiveness of data utilization in knowledge graph applications in different domains.

In this presentation we will:

  • Introduce BlackSwan Technologies with its core technology vision and offering
  • Describe the challenges involved in 360-degree entity view use-cases at Global 2000 enterprises
  • Explain how enterprise knowledge graphs (EKG) help addressing these challenges
  • Introduce the concept of data fabric via its implementation as Knowledge Mesh, and argue for its capabilities of scaling and automating EKG development in multiple domains

Talk+Live Q&A at the Western Auditorium in Connected Data World Center; Free Live Streaming

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03 December 2021, 07:30 PM

07:30 PM - 08:10 PM

About The Speakers

David Amzallag

David Amzallag

Chief Product and Digital Transformation Officer, BlackSwan Technologies

David Amzallag is the Chief Product Officer and Chief Digital Transformation Officer of BlackSwan Technologies, a company that is reinventing enterprise software through a fusion of data, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies that provides unparalleled business value.

Szymon Klarman

Szymon Klarman

Knowledge Architect, BlackSwan Technologies

Szymon Klarman is a Knowledge Architect at BlackSwan Technologies. He holds a PhD in knowledge representation and reasoning and has 15 years of experience working with connected data technologies as an R&D specialist and a consultant, focused primarily on architectural and conceptual leadership.