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Andrea Volpini Cindy Krum Dawn Anderson Jason Barnard

The role of Google's Knowledge Graph and Machine Learning in queryless search, Google Discover, and Google Moments

A Talk by Dawn Anderson , Jason Barnard , Cindy Krum and Andrea Volpini

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About this Talk


What relationship is there between Google’s knowledge graph and Google’s push features such as Discover and Big Moments?

A lot, actually. And it is the future!

With the increasing role of Google Discover and the introduction of a new feature called Big Moments that aims to curate news as events unfold, the search engine is using its own Knowledge Graph to pre-emptively display content that matches users' interests.

The traffic generated by Google's push features seems to be complementary to the traditional Search traffic and dependent, among other factors, on the saliency score of entities in the graph.

This panel will help you understand how Google's automated systems surface content in Discover, what we can do to interact with Google's graph and the best practices for producing content that performs well on Discover.

Key Topics

  • Google’s Knowledge Graph
  • Entities in SEO
  • Google Discover and Google Moments
  • Content recommendations

Target Audience

  • SEO
  • Data Scientists and ML practitioners
  • Digital Marketers


Explore the interplay between content discovery, entities, and knowledge-based technologies Answer questions that matter

  • How to create an entity in Google’s Knowledge Graph?
  • How do news and social engagement interact with the saliency score of an Entity in the Knowledge Graph?
  • How do Google Discover and Google Moments function?
  • How do Entities and Google’s Knowledge Graph play into  Google Discover and Google Moments?
  • What kind of content dominates? (News, products, web stories, videos…) and what role can automatic content generation play?)

Session Outline

  • Introduction
    • Meet and Greet
    • Setting the stage
  • Google Knowledge Graph and Entities
    • How does Google populate its own knowledge graphs?
    • What drives the saliency score of an entity in the graph?
    • How can we help Google reconcile entities?
  • Google Discover and Google Big Moments
    • What is Google Discover?
    • What is Google targeting with Big Moments?
      • Can a newsroom be fully automated?
  • What are the best practices for Google Discover
    • What type of content works best?
    • Can automatically generated content rank on Discover?


  • Panel Discussion
  • Expert discussion, coordinated by moderator
  • 1,5 hours running time
  • Running time includes modules of expert discussion, interspersed with modules of audience Q&A / interaction


Intermediate - Advanced

Prerequisite Knowledge

  • Basic understanding of Knowledge Graphs
  • Basic understanding of SEO

You need an access pass to attend this session: Diversity Access Pass or Full Access Pass apply

01 December 2021, 03:15 PM

03:15 PM - 05:15 PM

About The Speakers

Dawn Anderson

Dawn Anderson

Founder, Bertey

Dawn Anderson is the founder of international SEO consultancy and digital marketing agency, Bertey Ltd. Dawn is also a lecturer on digital marketing strategy, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and marketing analytics at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Jason Barnard

Jason Barnard

Author, speaker and consultant on all things digital marketing, Kalicube

Jason specialises in Brand SERPs (what appears when someone googles your brand name) and knowledge panels (triggering, correcting and improving) through his company Kalicube.

Cindy Krum

Cindy Krum

Founder, CEO, MobileMoxie

Cindy Krum is the Founder & CEO of MobileMoxie. She is considered a thought-leader in the mobile SEO and ASO marketing, and has been bringing fresh and creative ideas to digital marketing stages around the world, regularly speaking at national and international trade events, as well as clients and loyal blog readers.

Andrea Volpini

Andrea Volpini

CEO, Founder, Wordlift

Co-founder and CEO of WordLift, Andrea has 25 years of world-class experience in online strategies and works at the intersection between linked data, NLP and SEO, helping brands worldwide increase their organic search visibility.